Yucca Elements

is at the forefront of bio-based active ingredient innovation, continually converting advanced scientific breakthroughs into beauty and personal care products that cater to both present and future market demand.


Owned Subsidiary

Through our premier biotechnology platform, Yucca Elements is dedicated to the R&D of clean and potent bio-derived ingredients, continually propelling global personal care ingredient innovation.

Established in July 2022

Yucca utilizes the "lab to shelf"

biological manufacturing platform, enabling swift application of the latest bio-based molecules. Our offerings encompass high-efficacy bio-derived personal care ingredients alongside a full spectrum of clean beauty solutions.

1000 to 1

Embracing the "1000 to 1" Philosophy: Applying Pharmaceutical Development Principles to Personal Care Ingredient Innovation

  • Utilizing AI and top-tier scientific insight, Yucca team determines target objectives and the most appropriate compounds to achieve these targets. These compounds can be biosynthesized proteins, natural extracts from plant or marine organisms, or compounds conceived and synthesized through computer-aided design based on the target objective. Building upon these initial compounds, an array of potential new molecules are generated. Subsequent design enhancements via conformational analysis yield the most potent compounds, marking Yucca Elements' journey through the "1000+" pathway.
  • Simultaneously, the in vitro and clinical effectiveness of each contender is evaluated. Their stability, safety, and formulation compatibility are assessed. Ingredients that pass all examinations eventually debut as highly effective active components, culminating in the "Final One".

  • Capitalizing by Bota's biofoundry platform and our elite industry partners, we consistently supply effective, affordable, and sustainable personal care ingredients.