Harnessing the Power of Biology

Synthetic Biology:

Biotechnology empowers the design, creation, and synthesis of biological compounds through engineering. Breakthroughs in DNA sequencing, synthesis, and gene-editing have expanded horizons in industrial biotechnology, marking significant strides and achievements.

Capitalizing on these milestones, Yucca Elements is pioneering the integration of synthetic biology into personal care ingredients. Our mission is to merge beauty, health, and environmental harmony.

Bota Freeway®:

Driving Bio-manufacturing Innovation

Yucca Elements' Care Nectar platform is empowered by Bota Freeway®, one of the globe's premier full-stack biomanufacturing technology platforms.

Bota Freeway® synergizes both wet and dry laboratory conditions, laying a robust foundation for pioneering new model strains suited for industrial applications. With this platform as a backdrop, our scientists delve into intricate chemical modifications to maximize strain potential, culminating in superior strains via enzyme and fermentation engineering. These strains are then transitioned to our in-house pilot plant, as we gear up for large-scale production. Upon rigorous verification of the production process, these novel strains become the cornerstone of the industrial manufacture of personal care ingredients.

Care Nectar:

Bridging Innovations to Everyday Life

Employing the prowess of Care Nectar's artificial intelligence, micro fluidic techniques, supramolecular tech, and other advanced technology, our ingredients undergo stringent performance and stability evaluations, traversing the entire spectrum of the personal care industry.

Our vision of enriching lives through biotechnology truly materializes when ingredients transition from "Care Nectar" to store shelves.

Tailored Excellence with Care Nectar

Benefiting from the modular architecture and adaptability of the Care Nectar development platform, Yucca Elements extends our products and specialized technical services to our clientele. Our elite team of specialists provides a rich repository of knowledge in pioneering and commercializing personal care ingredients. Moreover, our robust collaborations with academic institutions and research entities position us to adeptly navigate technical challenges, surpassing customization goals and satisfying specific requirements with precision.