Introducing Prorylia™ FN

Originated from fibronectin's role in skin healing and immune health, we've developed the first peptide based human recombinant fibronectin- Prorylia™ FN. This ingredient embodies our aspirations for natural quality, rejuvenation, and resilience, setting a new benchmark in transformative personal care ingredients.

Rapidly soothes and revitalizes sensitive skin.

Reinforces and elevates the skin's protective barrier.


Prorylia™ FN - A Biotechnological Triumph in Skin Repair

Promptly neutralizes sensitivity triggers, alleviating symptoms and discomfort.

Drastically minimizes redness, balancing skin hemoglobin concentrations to produce a radiant and healthy complexion.

Blending the might of artificial intelligence with seasoned expertise, we meticulously selected fragments of potential biological significance from the human fibronectin sequence. We have identified a highly potent fragment through various in vitro assessments and mechanistic studies, and further validated the function via a series of rigorous clinical studies. We optimize the microbial strain expression to significantly improve the yield of target products. Following a meticulous four-stage purification protocol, we achieved the epitome of ingredient - Prorylia™ FN.